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The Parcel Shipping System - PSS - was designed with flexibility in mind for distributors, mail order houses, manufacturers and any organization shipping between 50 - 50,000 packages daily. PSS supports all small parcel carriers including FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, UPS, USPS and other small package carriers. PSS also supports LTL carrier rating, pallet packing and produces bills-of-lading.

PSS is capable of acting as the gateway between all of the carrier provided systems and your application server. PSS can automatically select the best ship-via based upon freight cost or delivery experience. PSS boasts a powerful and easy to customize interface that can read from and write to most databases directly. PSS can be installed as a host-based application or as a stand-alone parcel processor. We provide scales, label printers, forms printers, scanners, conveyer control and more.

With PSS you can choose options that suit your current operation, and, at any time, add more options to the system as your automation and integration needs change.

If you are looking for shipping control, increased productivity, flexibility, comprehensive reporting and the ability to provide superior customer service, PSS will be the correct choice.