Business Partner


Parcel Shipping System was designed to enhance the products and services offered by our business partners. With a simple but powerful bi-directional interface, PSS is able to exchange and direct data as required by our partners' application software. PSS's extensive list of features will satisfy the most complicated business requirements. A high level of customer satisfaction exists with PSS products and services and this only serves to enhance the relationship between our partners and their customers. SCI welcomes the opportunity to explore new business relationships. If enhancing your software with PSS is of interest to you, please email

Strategic Partners

SCI's success is a direct result of the success of our strategic business partners. We focus all of our energies on product development, integration and support and rely upon our strategic business partners to market both their application software and PSS. Together, we freely share our expertise, define development opportunities and support each other's efforts.


Our referral program offers generous revenue incentives and has no minimum expectations. We are experts in developing custom interfaces and our support team has in-depth knowledge of order processing, inventory control, shipping and accounting. Relying upon our expertise will allow you to concentrate on your core offering and this focused effort is sure to improve customer satisfaction