Optional PSS Software

Many software options are available for the SCI PARCEL SHIPPING SYSTEM (PSS) to allow you to configure your System to your company's needs. These options may be purchased with the initial PSS system or added anytime thereafter, so PSS can change as your company changes. Overviews of some of the options follow:

Part # 10068 - Box Consolidation

This option allows you to consolidate packages for different orders shipping to the same address and achieve the savings afforded by consolidated rating. After a box has been packed and sealed at the packing station and the contents have been identified, a bar-coded box label will be generated containing the packing list number and a box number. The box will then be moved to an area where this box will be consolidated with others going to the same destination. When the box consolidation program is executed, the operator will open a new consolidating manifest record, scan all of the packed and labeled boxes into a larger box or pallet until that larger box is full. This process is repeated until all boxes are scanned into the consolidation manifest record. PSS will know that the resulting boxes/pallets are the result of consolidation. PSS will verify that all of the boxes being consolidated have the same ship-to and ship-via. A box label/license plate will be printed for each consolidated box/pallet. After the consolidated boxes are weighed and rated, PSS will apportion the weight and freight charges to the individual boxes equally based on the number of consolidated boxes. Packing Station license(s) required.

Part # 10140 - Packing List Printed Form

This option will print a packing list at the packing station or rating station reflecting the items packed. The Level II interface must be modified to accommodate this ability. The print program is user modifiable. Packing Station license(s) required.



Part # 10066 - RF Picking Interface

PSS uses this interface, which includes a user-modifiable program, to allow direct access to and from your data files. Picking information such as the bin location, part description and quantity to pick can be retrieved from your main system (ex. SKU or order files). A file of picked, verified and counted SKUs is written upon completion, which can control the packing process. License plate labels can be generated for pallet picking. 

SCI can customize the interface to interact with your application programs.

Part # 10062 - Serial, Lot or Batch Capture

Allows packer to capture and/or verify serial numbers, lot numbers, or batch numbers during the packing process, and pass back to host. A user-modifiable program which provides for verification is included with this option. Packing Station license(s) required.

Part # 10032 - Third Party Insurance

This option is useful for customers that either use a third party to insure their shipments or that self-insure. Based on the details of the contract signed with the third-party insurer, or your own in-house insurance parameters, declared value and insurance charges will not be included on your shipping manifests or in the files you upload to your carriers. Thus you will not be billed for insurance by your carriers. At any time, you can run the included report to see your savings in insurance costs. This report has been approved by some third-party insurers to be used as their invoice to you; therefore you can simply print the report and mail it to them with a check.

Part # 10105 - Time in Transit

This option will obtain time-in-transit information and build a database of shipment performance by carrier based upon your actual delivery experience. The PSS rating engine will not only compare carriers for best rates but will also compare performance data. This performance information will also be passed to the external rating routine so the same decision making data is available at order entry. Requires Windows 7 and Netsuite.net.

Part # 10018 - Zone Skip

Zone skipping is a technique used to reduce shipping costs for large volume shippers. Centralized shipping points across the country are set up as warehouses. PSS will then choose as an origin point for your shipment the warehouse from which it costs the least to ship a package to its destination. Typically, an LTL carrier is used to move your packages in bulk to the selected shipping point, from which a small parcel carrier delivers the packages to your customers. The idea behind Zone Skip is that it is less expensive to deliver your packages to one or more centrally located shipping points and have a small parcel carrier complete the delivery process rather than utilizing a small parcel carrier alone for the entire process. The Zone Skip Option is available for ground shipments only.


  • Least Cost calculation is disabled for each package designated as zone skip.
  • PSS will not compare zone skip packages between different carriers.
  • Each warehouse designated as a zone-skip warehouse must be commissioned with UPS and will require a separate PLD to be uploaded at the end of the day.

Part # 10124 - FedEx Intra Canada

This option allows you to rate and upload FedEx intra-Canada shipments originating from your Canadian warehouses. FedEx Ground, Priority and Second Day services are supported, and rates, zones and accessorial charges for FedEx are included in the option.

* The FedEx Ship Manager Server option is required.
* The FedEx Ship Manager Server must be running version 12.0x or above.

Part # 10132 - FedEx Express Freight

This option allows you to ship heavy packages utilizing FedEx Express Freight 1 day, 2 day or 3 day service for domestic shipments and FedEx Express Priority or Economy Freight for international shipments. The minimum package or pallet weight for these services is 151 pounds. Shipments via FedEx Express Freight are rated, labeled and fully integrated into PSS.2013 and subsequent releases. Zone charts, rates and accessorial charges are included with the option.

* Requires FedEx Ship Manager Server version 12.0x or greater.
* Consult your FedEx rep for additional information about this new service.

Part # 10120 - Regional Carriers Module

This module allows you to create up to thirty-six different local and regional small package carriers to supplement those provided by PSS. The only requirement for each carrier is that they rate shipments using a weight and zone based method similar to the rating systems used by FedEx, UPS and DHL. The module supports between one and seven different shipping zones, package weights up to 150 pounds, and shipment (or hundredweight) rating. For each carrier, separate rate tables and zone charts can be created for ground, next day and second day service, and the module includes a complete end-of-day Shipping Manifest broken down by service and zone. In addition, electronic file creation and transmission can be added for each carrier on a custom basis. Among the features and services supported are five different label and tracking number formats (UPS style, FedEx style, DHL style, Custom or Generic), next day letters, Saturday delivery, COD shipments, insurance calculations, three levels of oversize packages (with rating based on weight or a fixed charge), residential service, hazardous materials and fuel surcharges.

Part # 10076 - Western Parcel Express

Western Parcel Express is a West Coast based small package carrier that uses a zone-based rating system similar to UPS and FedEx Ground.

* Domestic Package and Hundredweight Rating Modules. User is responsible for supplying SCI with applicable rate and zone tables via email or on
electronic media. Conversion into PSS format is included in the package price.
* Approved WPX Shipping Label with tracking number (4x6).
* EOD Approved WPX Daily Shipping Manifest. This manifest can be used by WPX as a billing document, easily allowing you to keep track of and verify your shipping charges.

Part # 10125 - Shipments Display/Analysis

This option has been completely re-written for PSS 2009 with new features and an easy to use text front end. This option includes an easy to use text front end and provides users with a powerful analytical tool to look up and report on shipments and is in effect a custom report generator for shipping history. Selection of shipments to be included in the report can be based on any combination of warehouses, carriers, data ranges, ship to, and several other criteria (all of which can be chosen from drop-down windows) and, in addition, the report can be sorted by up to three different fields. The program will then report the data on screen or create an Excel spreadsheet with user-defined columns. The resulting spreadsheet can then be manipulated, saved, printed, used for data conversions or
used with other PC reporting tools. New features include significantly increased reporting speed, a new summary report with box detail, carrier service, and the ability to save report formats so that data does not have to be re-entered every time the same report is run.

* Requires SCI NetSuite.

Part # 10129 - UPS Paperless Export Invoices

The UPS Paperless Export Invoice option frees the user from the burden of having to prepare Commercial Invoices and other paperwork for their export shipments. All required information can be populated in designated fields in the PSS.MANIFEST (shipping) record and included in the end-of-day PLD file uploaded to UPS. Most user's systems already contain said additional information and in many cases their existing PSS Level II Interface program is populating the required fields. If not, program changes, which are fully documented, can be made by the user, a third party or SCI. The option also includes the special PDF417 Bar Code label required by UPS which will automatically print with each package shipping label when a Paperless Invoice is detected.

* The Label does not conform to UPS's specification as it relates to additional bar codes.
* PSS will print one PDF417 barcode containing 1300 characters. Larger orders may require paper.
* 14+ Data fields required by the Level II interface are defined in the PSS Documentation
* This is a contract service offered by UPS and requires UPS approval
* UPS will require a sample label and testing.
* Requires UPS version 200 HMU file upload.
* Client Requirements: Net Suite 5.7.4, .Net Framwork, PC w/XP,service pack 3 or Windows 7 and Netsuite.net.
* Your label printer must be capable of printing a .pdf document.
* Installation of the Host option is included in the price. Any other time will be billed on a T&M basis.

Part # 10130 - Multi-Order Master Packing

Also known as "true consolidation", this option allows users to combine small package shipments for different orders into one master shipment and take advantage of the economies of packing the multiple orders together. With the Master Packing option, PSS keeps track of which items from which orders are packed in a box, so you never lose track of the detail of what has been shipped. If so desired, the lower shipping costs achieved with this option can be passed on to your customers.

(Packing Station license(s) required)

Part # 10136 - Multi-Station Rating

This option allows more than one operator to rate packages from the same shipment at the same time.  Customers who normally ship large numbers of packages with each order will find this an invaluable tool in improving the speed of shipment processing and maximizing productivity of their raters.  Multi-Station Rating does have some restrictions, so it can be set for a minimum number of boxes before it applies.  This allows users to rate smaller shipments as before while at the same time having multiple operators rate larger shipments.

Part # 10126 - Pre-Shipment Rating and Consolidation

This option allows you to combine, prior to processing in the PSS Rating Station, a group of shipments scheduled to ship on the same day to the same address. Once the shipments have been grouped, they can be pre-rated as a Consolidated shipment and the least cost carrier (or any other designated carrier) chosen without having to actually process the shipments at the same time. After this has been done, the shipments are "flagged" so that as the day goes by and they are processed in the Rating Station they are automatically added to the same Consolidated shipment. This not only enhances your scheduling and carrier selection, but allows you to enjoy the benefits or reduced freight charges and, if so desired, pass the savings on to your customers.

(Required Level II Interface program changes will be quoted separately)

Part # 10127 - Multi-Station Packing

For users who utilize the PSS Packing Station, this option allows multiple users to pack the same order at the same time. Users who ship large orders with many cartons, or have several packers working on the same order in different areas, will find this to be an invaluable tool in speeding up the entire packing process. Instead of having to group together all of the cartons for a given shipment before they can be processed in PSS, each item in an order can be entered in the Packing Station by a different packer at a different workstation and sent directly to the Rating Station.

*Packing Station license(s) required.
*Required Level II Interface program changes will be quoted separately.

Part # 10067 - Invoice Freight Charge

This option will allow a user to override the calculated freight charge for billing purposes. The entered data is stored in a separate data field for future comparison. A password is required.

Part # 10114 - Calc and Print

The PSS Calc and Print option provides the user with a program that will allow the creation of shipments without using the standard PSS Rating Station. Unlike Autocalc, which is a batch process, Calc.and.Print is a program that is called from a user-written application on a shipment by shipment basis. If passed a properly formatted manifest record, Calc.and.Print will rate the shipment, generate tracking numbers and labels, and update all files in the same way as if the shipment were processed in the PSS Rating Station. If there is a problem that prevents the shipment from being rated, Calc.and.Print will return a coded error to the user indicating the problem. No shipping record will be saved and no files will be updated. Calc.and.Print is essentially a fool-proof program that eliminates the possibility of creating incorrect and/or unrated shipping records.

*This option requires a user-written front-end to create manifest records and execute the application.
*This option will use a rating station license.

Part # 10119 - Zip to Zip Rating

This option allows the user to rate any shipment via UPS, FedEx or USPS from any point in the contiguous 48 states to any point in the 50 states and Puerto Rico. Users who fulfill orders from vendor locations will find this software invaluable in calculating the freight charges that will be incurred.

The Zip to Zip Rating option uses the existing PSS data base and rating engine, and does not require that any additional licenses be purchased. By utilizing a user-written front-end (a sample of which is included with the software), you can call a PSS subroutine from within any of your applications and calculate freight for one or several different shipments. All that is needed are the PSS carrier code, zip codes (ship from and ship to), weight of each box, and whether or not the shipment is to a residential location. PSS will calculate the total freight charge for each package and shipment including any applicable fuel, remote area and residential surcharges.

Part # 10135 - Slapper Process

The Slapper process is a batch process. It selects a specified number of available orders and links them with a common batch number. The orders are then processed using your business rules and bulk picking lists are created by logical warehouse for bulk items (items to be picked and packed). For items designated as slapper items, a 4" x 8" carrier certified shipping label is generated that additionally contains your SKU #, the bin location and other product identification information. That label is used for both picking and shipping. An error report will run as part of the end-of-day to ensure that all orders have been processed completely and properly. You may decide to process only orders that are entirely comprised of items that will generate Slapper labels in this process and handle the remaining orders through standard process. The Slapper process can make use of the Advanced Email Notification option as well as print and email Packing Lists, Carton Contents and Bills-of-Lading.

*Implementation of business rules and custom modifications will be billed on a T&M basis.

Part # 10118 - Carton Contents PDF Form

This option will create output containing a detailed analysis of SKUs per parcel sorted by parcel #. Each parcel is associated with a tracking number that is hyperlinked to the carrier's tracking Web page. If emailed, this document should alleviate customer service calls like WHERE IS MY PACKAGE. Your customer will have the ability to track their own packages. Knowing what SKUs and quantities are in each box is helpful information especially when the boxes are not delivered together. This option will also output a dynamic, personalized company banner area which can be used simply as a logo or as a tool to introduce new products to your customers. The print program is user modifiable. The resulting electronic document may be printed, archived, included as an attachment in the advanced email option above or any combination thereof. An advanced user program allows you to map to the location of a dynamic banner on each client PC as well as map to a directory anywhere on the network where resulting .pdf can be written for archival purposes. Packing Station license(s) required.

Part # 10116 - Packing List PDF Form

This option will create packing list output that will reflect what was actually shipped. This option will also output a dynamic, personalized company banner area which can be used simply as a logo or as a tool to introduce new products to your customers. The Level II interface may need to be modified to accommodate this option. The print program is user modifiable. The resulting electronic document may be printed, archived, included as an attachment in the advanced email option above or any combination thereof. An advanced user program allows you to map to the location of a dynamic banner on each client PC as well as map to a directory anywhere on the network where resulting .pdf can be written for archival purposes. Packing Station license(s) required.

Part # 10115 - Advanced Email Notification

This option will send an HTML email notification to your customer per shipment through your SMTP email server host if an email address is provided through the Level II Interface. It will present an HTML splash screen in the body of the email containing a dynamic, personalized company banner/logo area along with summary information about this shipment. In addition you may optionally attach .pdf documents created by part number 10118 Carton Contents, part number 10116 Packing List and part number 10117 Bill-of-Lading to the email notification. An advanced user program will allow you to map to a recipient and copy to email address in your database and the location of a dynamic banner on your web site. Email notifications may be sent by the rating station as each shipment is rated or in batch mode as the end-of-day process moves each shipment into the PSS shipment history file.

Part # 10102 - Basic Email Notification

This option will send an HTML email notification to your customer per shipment through your SMTP email server host if an email address is provided through the Level II Interface. In the presentation to the recipient, each tracking number for the shipment is hyperlinked to the carrier's internet tracking web site. For non-rated, LTL and non-supported carriers, the tracking numbers / Pro numbers are displayed without hyperlinks. Email notifications may be sent by the rating station as each shipment is rated or in batch mode as the end-of-day process moves each shipment into the PSS shipment history file.

Part # 10103 - Delivery Confirmation

This option will give you the ability to obtain delivery information from the internet for packages delivered by FedEx (Express & Ground) and UPS. Each PSS Rating or Inquiry station using SCI Net Suite will provide immediate delivery status on an individual shipment. The batch process, which can be run on demand, will submit every undelivered shipment and return the time and date of delivery and who signed for it. The batch process also includes a call to the Level II Interface program so that information retrieved from the internet can be written back to your database. As an added convenience, the batch process may be called by the end-of-day update process for each supported carrier.

Part # 10104 - Auditing Option

Auditing includes four tracking and auditing reports, each of which is run for a range of shipping dates. The first is a performance report that will identify all shipments, their tracking numbers, and if delivered the date and time they were delivered. Where carrier performance guarantees exist, the report will also include the number of days a shipment was late and the credit due for freight charges. The second report will generate the same information but for only those shipments that have been delivered. The third audit report will print information only for those shipments that were delivered late based on the carrier performance guarantees. The fourth audit report lists only those shipments that have not been delivered, and is most useful in recovering the insured value of each missing package. If the start and end date of the audit report matches the service start and end date on your carrier's bill, the report can be used as a credit memo for late shipments to offset the carrier's invoice. The credit report will print the tracking number, ship-to address, service (next day, ground, etc.) date and time delivered, the number of days a shipment was late and the credit due for freight charges. No retrieved data will be written back to your database.

*There is no guarantee that you will obtain credit from any carrier based upon information provided by this option.

Part # 10106 - Internet Access Package

This option includes part#s 10102,10103,10104 & 10105

Part # 10111 - Nova Information Systems Credit Card Processing Module

This option uses a credit card number passed through the interface and processes a certified Nova message format transaction to the Nova Server and waits for a response. If the response contains an authorization number the shipment is processed and the authorization number is stored. A user program will allow you to take the authorization number and update your database. If the charge is declined, the shipment may not be processed.