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"As a sporting goods manufacturer with multiple product lines and both mass merchant and individual distributors as customers, we have a wide variety of shipping scenarios and business rules. When we implemented our new ERP system, we attempted to integrate an existing Kewill application. After a full year of extraordinarily complicated daily processing and multi-platform integration hiccups, we turned to SCI (Software Co-Op). The SCI staff was able to quickly understand our requirements and provide a flexible yet stable interface. Our shipping application now resides on the same system as our order-fulfillment application, and shares the same database. Our integration issues have disappeared and we can focus more energy on shipping product to our customers. I would gladly recommend the Parcel Shipping System as a viable alternative."

--- Kim Allison - Vice President of Information Systems

"We sell garments for the junior and “tween” markets. Our distribution center in New Jersey services more than 500 stores, primarily in shopping malls around the country and in the Caribbean. We ship in excess of 4,000 parcels per day in our busy season and each of our shipping lanes is able to process parcels to be shipped through the major small parcel or LTL carriers."

"Our shipping requirements and business rules are very complicated, and we were particularly impressed by Software Co-Op’s (SCI) ability to quickly and completely understand our operation. The staff at SCI are not only shipping system experts but they are application and integration experts. Our order processing application resides on a UNIX host located in our corporate office and our distribution center processes those orders through an interface with our host. Kewill was unable to complete in 2 years what SCI completed in 3 months. Needless to say, I can recommend the Parcel Shipping System and the staff at SCI.

--- Steve Paruolo - VP and Distribution Director

PSS Telnet

"We installed PSS Telnet under crisis conditions and found the software to work exactly as promised. Our shipping department used dumb terminals and port controllers previous to switching to PSS Telnet and the difference is like night and day. The shipping clerks especially appreciate the ability to set up colors and fonts and that PSS Telnet is very easy to launch using the ICONS toolbar. We were able to connect our existing scales, printers and scanners to PSS Telnet without complication. We plan to use the electronic invoice and email shipment notification features soon. This product will certainly meet our future shipping needs."

--- Pamela Friedman - Controller

Rate Updates

"I went to your web-site for the new rates for UPS and FedEx, and I wanted to tell all of you that your instructions were great! I did not have a problem at all while upgrading the new rates. Thank-you for making it so easy."
--- Randi Lundell - Systems Support

Platform Change

"PSS has been a workhorse for over ten years. In that time, it has proven its flexibility by accommodating all of our shipping needs, including specialized reporting for our wholesale and dropship customers. After the corporate decision was made to replace our old application running on an IBM RS6000 with AIX O/S and IBM Universe database application, one of our primary requirements was that whatever new system we choose, it must provide all of the functionality of PSS. Fortunately, we learned that PSS was able to read and write directly into various 'relational databases' such as Oracle or DB2. We chose an application system using the Oracle database system running on a Compaq Server running Microsoft Windows 2000 Server. It was chaotic, to say the least, converting and training the staff to use the new application software in the time allotted. Fortunately, our warehouse personnel needed no training at all. SCI programmers mapped our Oracle tables to PSS. I never expected that its flexibility extended to platform and database changes. I thank you, management thanks you, but most of all our shipping department thanks you."
--- Roger Glenfield - MIS Director

UPS Host Manifest Upload (HMU)

"The HMU process has been working out great. So far we have had no problems on either side of the process, uploading the PLD file or on the billing side. The best thing is, we quit receiving calls from UPS telling us we need to resend a bunch of days because they never received them!"
--- Shawn Butella - Programmer/ Analyst

"We are successfully uploading HMU, and have not experienced any errors at all. Everything is working great!"
--- Ron Merrell, Programmer/Analyst


"Any additional support needs have been addressed quickly and cleanly."
--- Paul Gruhn - System Development Manager

"PSS gave us seamless integration with our existing system."
"PSS allowed us to increase the number of packages we ship daily by 300 percent, without the need for additional resources
--- Tom Gallmeier - Programmer/Analyst

"The documentation was very well organized and easily understood.
--- Ann Killeen - Director of MIS

Justify PSS

This graph illustrates the savings possible by using PSS. It assumes shipping volume of 100 parcels per day at an average cost of $7.00 per parcel and that you ship 250 days per year.

See your freight costs drop and your savings increase! Best of all, the more you ship the more you save!

A PSS user was able to save 30% by moving all 6,000 parcels shipped daily from one carrier to another. A few months later the original carrier offered an additional 10% discount to switch back. A 40% savings for this PSS customer translates into a huge increase in profitability.

The ability to carrier-shop and/or rate-shop can create substantial savings. PSS can divert all or part of your shipping volume from one carrier to another with the flip of a software switch.

PSS can select the least-cost carrier for any given shipment. In many cases your primary carrier is more expensive than others depending upon the weight and ship-to location. You could be saving thousands of dollars per year by rate-shopping with PSS.

PSS will give you the security of knowing that distribution will not be affected by any single freight carrier's labor dispute.

PSS encourages multi-carrier relationships. We believe that you should invite all potential freight carriers to compete for your business.

Controls Free Systems

PSS will allow you to take advantage of the free systems supplied by the large freight carriers with none of the disadvantages.

PSS can be the freight gate-keeper. With the Level II interface insuring data verification and bi-directional communications, PSS will selectively call the free carrier system based upon the ship-via in your customer’s order.


PSS is the most portable shipping solution available

PSS Demo

If you are interested in an on-line demonstration of the Parcel Shipping System, please call sales at  908-867-7055 extension 110 to make arrangements. 

As long as you have a PC and an Internet connection, you will be able to see PSS in action.


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